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By using AquAid water coolers you help bring life-giving water to thousands of people every day. Our mission to help save lives is at the heart of everything we do.

Through our ongoing support of Christian Aid, and by establishing the Africa Trust in 2010, we help bring sustainable solutions to poverty on a daily basis.

Thanks to your support and a shared belief in making the world a better place, we have to date donated in excess of £12 million and helped bring a life-time supply of clean, fresh drinking water to more than 2 million people.

Weekly themes for assembl 2018-2019

Managing your worries and anxieties

Friends for Life app

Information on the FRIENDS app and some basic information on the programme.

FRIENDS for Life app

Friends Programs App - Friends Resilience

The FRIENDS Programs app is available on Android devices as well as iPhone and iPad. For children participating in Friends For Life and Fun Friends programs. Information on basis of FRIENDS youth skills for life hopefully an app coming soon.

My FRIENDS Youth - Friends Resilience

Ages 12 - 15 My FRIENDS Youth is a group-based program that equips participants with the necessary tools to overcome new challenges that are commonly experienced by... 

The YOTI app

 The YOTI app has been verified as legitimate by the National Crime Agency.

Childline and the Internet Watch Foundation have come together to provide a service where children can request the removal of sexual images of themselves which have been shared online. As part of that process the child would be asked to provide a link to where the image is stored online, rather than send the image itself.

The child is also required to verify their identity and age and this is done through the YOTI app. YOTI will not store images of the child’s ID following the verification process. - There is a section which covers what you can do if you’ve lost control of a sexual image and refers to the YOTI app. – This is the portal where you can report images and videos for take down and again refers to using the app to verify age.

We now offer the Friends Resilience Programme:


FRIENDS for Life is an internationally recognised programme that teaches our pupils techniques to cope with anxiety and promote wellbeing, social and emotional skills and resilience.

FRIENDS for Life builds skills using the FRIENDS mnemonic:

F: Feelings
R: Remember to relax
I: I can do it, I can try
E: Explore solutions and coping step-plans
N: Now reward yourself, you’ve done your best
D: Do practice 
S: Smile, stay calm, use your support networks

FRIENDS for Life is the only programme of its kind endorsed by the World Health Organisation as "efficacious across the entire spectrum, as a universal prevention program, as a targeted prevention program and as a treatment."

Research on the programme shows reduced anxiety and depression, increased coping skills and self-esteem, with improvements maintained up to 6 years after the completion of the programme.

It enables children to learn a range of skills, including how to:

  • identify 'anxiety-increasing' thoughts and to replace them with more helpful thoughts
  • identify anxious (and other difficult) feelings and learn to manage them
  • learn to overcome problems rather than avoid them.

Brett Mills Year 11 wanted to deliver cakes and a certificate to the local emergency services to say thank you for their hard work. I am very proud of this act of kindness.


Aspirations Programme

This intervention strategy allows us to target individual pupils and highlight areas where interventions are required. The aim is to improve one area of development that has been or could form a barrier to learning. Pupils will work in small groups with a designated member of staff on a daily basis over a set period to improve that area.
The five areas:

Reading - for pupils that have a decrease in their reading age and comprehension.

Development - highlights those pupils who find difficultly with their fine motor skills such as hand writing and manipulating pieces of equipment.

Academic - this is specifically for Key Stage 4 pupils to increase their self-belief and esteem in academic subjects.

Inference - for pupils who find inference difficult in written and social communication. Help pupils to understand that words can say one things but mean another and to highlight that exam questions are used to infer different meanings.

Social Interaction - to help pupils improve their social and interaction with both peers and adults.